Sunday, October 10, 2010

Meet Daisy

Faith, with Daisy at six weeks old.

What 10 year old doesn't dream of dogs and horses? Faith has been growing in responsibility --a good thing in a would-be dog owner. With Faith home schooling each day, and Joy's surgery coming up this winter, it was a good time to begin looking for a family dog. Of course, we were only looking.

Shi Tzu/Poodles usually grow up to be good therapy dogs because they are intelligent, sweet-tempered, and love people. They are also small, maturing at 8-10lbs. Therapy dogs are not service dogs. Joy may also have a service dog someday, a larger breed specially trained to be helpful: pick up dropped pencils, open doors, retrieve and deliver a requested item. A therapy dog is a companion. So two weeks ago we made a trip to Faribault to investigate a Shi-poo breeder. And we met Daisy and her siblings.

On October 3, we brought Daisy home. She weighed 2 lbs. 0 ounces--exactly what Joy weighed at birth. Daisy is already beginning to show some of the light brown tipping over her cream fur that will, in a year, leave her looking as much like a teddy bear as a dog.

Hope, too, is smitten --except when Daisy gets frisky and wants to play like a puppy.

Joy did not enjoy her first kiss.

Daisy is still so small that it requires some creative buckling to make her harness fit.


Tracy said...

what a cute little ball of fur!!! COngrats on the newest family member!

dorothy said...