Sunday, October 10, 2010

South Dakota

이는 9 월 2010 년 할머니와 할아버지와 사우스 다코타 우리의 여행에 대한 게시물입니다. 우리는 가족으로서 함께 즐거운 시간을 소비했다.

With our family trip to Korea on the horizon, we decided to take a trial vacation to try out being confined in a seat in a moving vehicle all day and to work the kinks out of packing for six. We spent the week after Labor Day in the Black Hills with my dad and his wife renacting the summer vacations of my childhood. Here's a taste. Some of the photos are courtesy of Grandma.

Faith, Hope, and Mercy. Above them, George Washington looks east from Indian Country.

The Badlands were not nearly as hot as I remember on my last visits, thirty-some years ago, in mid-summer.

But they were just as beautiful.

The girls think the burros in Custer State Park were the highlight of the trip, although Joy wasn't sure she was enjoying this ride. In my childhood, every burro this color was named "Cocoa." The girls dubbed this one "Sunshine." We fed the burros cheese curls, another old family tradition.

Joy likes daddy better than burros.

Mercy at Crazy Horse, who is pointing toward the lands where his dead lie burried. Visiting was a yearly pilgramage (and still is for Grandma and Grandpa), although seeing the man inside the mountain was an act of faith when I was Mercy's age.

Needles Highway was my favorite part of the trip. Recall this was a trial vacation? One important thing we learned is that Mercy (who could not read at all the last time we made a road trip) can't read in a moving vehicle --hence the improvised outfit.

Faith can't read in moving vehicles either, but managed to read three books on the trip anyway.

Mercy and Hope have a lot in common. Including shoes.


Tracy said...

So, other than the not being able to read in the car, was this a sucsessful trip? It looks like it was a lot of fun.

dorothy said...

No car reading? Hummmm that would be a real crisis for our crew!