Saturday, November 6, 2010

Reunions, Part IV: Mercy's foster mother

Monday October 18 with its three reunions was so emotion-filled that I was glad for a few days away from adoption, just playing tourist with my family in Korea, the amazing homeland of my three youngest daughters. Mercy, however, was still counting down: "Three more days... two more days... only one more day until we meet my foster mother!" A little after 3:00 PM on Friday October 22, Mercy's wish came true.

This time, the fourth meeting with our family, our always-helpful PAS social worker at Eastern was prepared: she had booked the big play room on the second floor for our meeting --the same place I first met Mercy six years ago, when she was just five and a half months old.

Mercy, a rather composed little girl, naturally felt a little reserved at the beginning of the meeting. She only remembered her foster mother from photos and six years was most of her lifetime ago.

But maybe deep inside, her heart remembered. Or maybe Mercy simply couldn't resist the love and pride that radiated from her foster mother's face. Soon, Mercy warmed up and was telling her foster mother stories while our social worker translated.

Mercy even proudly showed her her latest loose tooth. Mercy explained that the only two teeth she had in Korea had already fallen out and are stored in the special "tooth box" from Korea that was at home on her closet shelf.

Her foster mother gave her a beautiful coat like the ones we'd been admiring on girls in Seoul all week long. She also remembered the little girl who shared foster care with Claire and said what good, easy babies they were to love. She gave us a gift for her and asked us to take it to her in the United States. We were happy to.

Can you see the happiness in the faces of Mercy's mamas? Her foster mother said she had the same calm, sweet spirit as a baby.

It was wonderful to reconnect with people who loved Mercy even before we did. Like her foster mother, and her social worker, who over the course of four adoptions has become a dear friend:

By the end of the week we were absolutely overwhelmed with God's goodness to us in allowing us to restablish homeland ties for each of our girls in Korea.

We didn't guess how much was still in store for the next day, our last full day in Korea. That story will be the subject of Part V in this series.

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Three Northern Stars said...

I love the photo of the two of them together. So heart warming.