Tuesday, November 30, 2010

With love, from PooReun

This is a special post for our friends in Pusan.

In April 2008, the day after I'd met Joy for the second time, Dorothy and I travelled to Pusan to visit an orphanage, The Children's Home, or TCH. This was one of the photos I took that day.

The staff introduced the child to us as (we thought) "Prune." She was  one of Amy's roommates, and while I played with Amy, Prune played with Dorothy.

After our visit, on the drive back to the train station, Dorothy and I prayed that God would find a family for Prune. It was an impossible thing to pray. TCH, was not affiliated with any adoption agency and had never placed a child for adoption. But God in his wisdom routinely does the impossible. So we asked for families for Prune and Amy.

Fast forward two and a half years to last October. God had found a family for Amy and we had returned to Korea to meet them ( here and here). Together, we went back to TCH. I was sitting next to Amy's mom on the couch in the head nun's office looking through snapshots of Amy. The same little girl appeared in several of them and I asked Amy's mom who she was. She was one of Amy's friends from the orphanage, her mom explained.  After they adopted Amy, they took her roomate out sometimes on family outings so the girls could play together.

I stared at the picture of Amy's rommate and thought of the photos I'd taken in 2008. I asked if the little girl's name was something like "Prune"? The head nun entered the conversation."I had forgotten that you met Prune, too!" she said. "But she isn't here anymore. She's been adopted to America!"

Amy's family gave me the snapshots to take home. With the sketchy information the head nun remembered about her adoptive family, I passed the pictures to my agency, hoping they might recognize "Prune" and help me find her family. Less than 48 hours later, her mom contacted me.

PooReun, as you'll see in these recent pictures, is thriving in and very much loved by her family in America. Our friends in Pusan, these come to you with much love from PooReun and her family.

This post comes with my thanks to God, with whom all things are possible; to the staff at The Children's Home for their compassionate work with disabled children; and to PooReun's family for permission to share the photos and a little bit of her story.

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