Saturday, December 11, 2010


Well, I could have skipped the lesson about which plants need to keep their foliage to survive our Minnesota winters. (This is what I posted exactly one month ago.) This year, snow is insulating the gardens, deep snow that will stay until April. The gardens will be beautiful the spring because the plants will not need to recover from exposure to the deep winter cold, which arrives tomorrow.

This is a view of the garden today, in the middle of a blizzard. We have had over a foot of snow since 9:00PM last night and it is still snowing. The storm total here will be about 18 inches, for a grand total of 32  inches of snow so far. That means half the snow that usually falls over the entire winter will have fallen in just one month. The girls are ecstatic.

This is the first winter we've had a dog. At 8 inches Daisy is only half as tall as the snow on the ground. But Daisy has a daddy who loves her. He goes out into the blizzard to shovel the grass and piles up the snow into a windbreak.

Daisy is a smart puppy. She understands that in a blizzard, a dog goes out (and comes back in) very fast.

The photos of the girls make me smile. It is so true: Mercy can play in a snow storm and come in looking as if she's been neatly dusted with powdered sugar, while Hope looks like she dove head-first into the snow for a whole-body immersion experience. She probably did.

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