Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow Day

No. It isn't Feb. 1 yet. But I've had enough editing sentences like that into, "It was not yet 1 February 2010," that I declared a snow day on my manuscript. With Joy napping, I tucked my pants inside my socks (the girls were very impressed that I knew to do this), donned snowpants (yes, I have a pair; no, they don't match my coat), zipped on my boots, and went outside to find out what all this snow is about.

I would have lasted longer than 20 minutes (excuse me: twenty minutes) if I hadn't taken off my gloves to operate the camera.

Here, Daisy was licking their faces.

The snow on the ground is boot-sucking deep. In undrifted areas, the snow is up to Mercy's knees, 12 inches. Those are the low places.

Yesterday's storm (which dropped a mere 5 inches), ended with freezing drizzle, creating an icy crust. In the first photo, Faith samples a piece of crust. In the next one, the girls fell backward into the snow, trying to make a chain of snow angels. But the crust was too thick.

Sledding was next. Or so we hoped.

But there is too much snow. The wonderful icy sled tracks the neighborhood kids created after the November storm are burried beneath a foot or more of snow. The air temperature has been so cold (below zero F) since the blizzard, that the girls have not been out to pack down the new fallen snow. Sledding wasn't much fun so we reverted to playing in the snow.

The very best thing about writing a blog post: no citations or bibliography required. You'll have to take that on my authority.

P.S. My co-editor, a literature professor, is on her way to England for Christmas, so she won't notice. But I managed to use parentheticals even in places where I am inclined to use an em-dash. She tells me my prose is good, but I'm not Emily Dickinson.

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