Monday, January 10, 2011

Seven Years of Mercy

자비는 이제 일곱살짜리 꼬마가있다

Seven years ago today, I was a first time waiter. We had accepted a referral the previous July and were stuck in the quota backlog, anticipating a February travel call. When the call finally came, we were devastated to learn that the little girl we were waiting for was not meant to be our daughter.

Seven years ago today, another baby girl, only a few days old, was admitted to the Eastern Babies' Hospital.

Seven years ago today God was already preparing a great mercy to salve a tragedy that was still six weeks in our future. When the crisis came, God met it with Mercy. Last week, our living, breathing reminder that God is good all the time turned seven.

The two watches? Mercy is our walking chronograph. She wears the striped watch during the day and the purple watch at night --just in case the power fails and she can't see her alarm clock :). She makes us smile every single day.

Thank you God, for your great mercy. And for Mercy.


Grace said...

Beautiful post for a beautiful girl!

Tracy said...

Happy birthday beautiful girl!