Monday, January 31, 2011

This is it

This is it. Or rather, about half of it. My job this week is to proof this much of the final MS on paper. Maybe I’m handicapped from spending the first half of my life in the era before personal computers, when I wrote in long hand, then used a typewriter for the final copy. But I simply can’t do more than a macro level of copyediting on a computer. I still have to read on paper with a pen in hand.

Several weeks ago, I was delighted when someone I highly respect offered to write a Foreword for the book. I accepted on the spot, then on the drive home thought, “Yikes! I think I needed my publisher’s permission to add anything not specified in the contract!”  Fortunately, our editors agreed this Foreword is worth waiting for. So I’ve enjoyed a slightly slower pace on the manuscript these past few weeks while we wait. “The End” is in sight!

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