Thursday, February 24, 2011

From the Outside In: Information

This is the first post in the second half of a series I started several weeks ago on the experience of situational anxiety during the waiting phases of adoption, or SAA.

I will approach the last half of this series the way people eat an apple: start at the outside and bite by bite, post by post, nibble away to the core. In these first few posts, we'll be on the outside of the apple, the skin. The surface people see. The part of ourselves that makes contact with the world outside, that for better or worse filters and protects our inner life.

But I've changed my plan for this post. Having updated my own experiences by discussing this with friends who've been there more recently, I think in the big picture it may be more helpful to take the information I had imagined posting here directly to those who are in a position to help.

So there's a big parentheses in this series, a polyvocal conversation about the information we recieve from adoption professionals during the wait: how it affects SAA and how well (or not) it prepares us for the reality of the child we're adopting.

Information is one of the most powerful anti-anxiety meds for managing SAA. Families have almost no control over the information they receive; they are at the mercy of the people who dispense it.

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