Thursday, February 3, 2011

It Just Makes Sense

I must still be in the newbie phase of homeschooling because I find myself still apologetic. After all, my husband and I are both products of public school systems, and as  he says, we both "came out just fine."

Yet almost every day, I find myself thinking: "Our family is so privileged to be able to do this. It just makes so much sense." Math is the thing I am marvelling over this week. The revelation: there are many different ways to learn math. Homeschooling gives me the freedom to teach math several different ways.

This is Hope doing math. I'm not sure if a bricks-and-mortar school she could get away with "grounding:" one leg curled up while the other is in contact with the floor, the posture in which she concentrates best. But posture aside, she decided that she wanted to do CalcuLadder just like Faith and Mercy. Hope wasn't deterred by the fact that she is only in Kindergarten and we don't expect her to do CalcuLadder (a supplementary program that drills  math facts) yet.

But Math-U-See has given Hope the confidence that using blocks, she can can solve any math question. So gamely sat down and accomplished what she wanted to do: a page of CalcuLadder using the Math-U-See blocks for computation.

Then there is Mercy, whose fondest wish since September has been to be able to do Teaching Textbooks Math on the computer just like Faith. To show us she was ready, Mercy did a few lessons of Faith's TT 5 (typically 5th grade) and got so many answers right that we agreed she could start Teaching Textbooks 3, which arrived on Monday. Mercy loves math so much she has done nine lessons in 3 days.

It is a pleasure to see my girls excited about learning. And it just makes sense to give each one exactly what she is ready for in the teaching style best suited to her learning style. Well, at least for Mercy and Hope. Faith insists her  learning style is "private school classroom." We'll see.


Grace said...

That's so great about your family's decision to homeschool! I think it does make sense and wish that I could have that opportunity to do that in the future!

dorothy said...

Exactly why I love homeschooling math! I had TTB, Abeka, MUS and 'mommy made up' math going with our 8 homeschooled kids this morning. There is no way we could meet all these kids needs with only one choice of math program.