Thursday, February 3, 2011

OT Fun I: Bubbles

It is impossible to attend therapy sessions seven times a week and not pick up some ideas for fun that I never before considered therapeutic. Need to expend some energy indoors? You'll need:
  • a large container
  • a squirt of dish soap
  • some water
  • a straw
  • towels
Put a squirt of dish soap in each container. Add 1-2 cups water. Hand each child a straw and let them blow.

When the bubbles fill up the container, use the straw to stir like crazy to pop the bubbles, then blow them up again.

Have  a bubble blowing race with a sibling if you have one handy.

When you are all done (this keeps Mercy and Hope occupied for about 20 minutes) use the towel to wipe up the water with big two-handed circles.

Believe it or not, this activity does not degenerate into a water fight because all the deep breathing required to blow bubbles is calming. It is also good oral-motor work for kids who need to strengthen mouth muscles.


Here's how today's bubble session ended. Mercy wiped up her own water, but not Hope's.

Hope, who was on her chair, complained, "But I WANT you to clean up my water! You're right down there on the floor and I can't reach my water from up here!"

Mercy: "You can get down on the floor, too. Wiping is good for us!"

Hope (grumbling): "You are NOT going to be a very good mother someday."

Mercy: "Why not?"

Hope: "Because GOOD mothers clean up after their kids. They don't make them do ALL their own work!"

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Nancy said...

Luv the bubbles...... and tell Mercy - "I love her haircut" Can't wait to see it in person.