Saturday, February 19, 2011

The UrbanServant Care Calendar is staying open!

Dorothy mentioned today how much she has been blessed by everyone who has been a "wife" to their family during this extra-crazy season where they are back home, but camped out in a tiny house with ancient plumbing, malfunctioning kitchen appliances, and no kid-safe space in which to prepare meals from scratch.

By God's grace the house in Colorado will sell, the snow will melt, and  we will be joyfully helping move back in to their home across the street --just about the time the perennials she planted years ago begin blooming to welcome them back to their old house. But until then, I have extend the UrbanServant CareCalendar to facillitate everyone's ability to help.

If you'd like to bless them this way, the same CareCalendar link and password will continue to work. If you need the link or live too far away to make a meal, but would like to help some other way, please email me: zeman 1102 at usfamily dot net  Thanks for continuing to bless them!

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