Sunday, June 19, 2011

Situational Anxiety During Waiting in Adoption: compiled links

If you were reading here back in early 2011, you probably remember a series I wrote on situational anxiety in adoption. Someone recently asked if I could make a master post with links like I did for posts on prenatal alcohol exposure. So here it is, with the first post on top.

I've placed a permalink to this index post in my sidebar under "A Gathering of Days."

Alternately, if you want to load the series all at once and don't mind reading from the bottom of your screen up, you can click on "Situational Anxiety in Adoption" in the label cloud.

Hope this helps reduce the anxiety level a little!

Situational Anxiety in Adoption
The Beast Has a Name
The Beast Has a Name, Part II
Welcome to the Island
Welcome to the Island, Part II
Nice Place to Visit, But...
The Chicken and the Egg
In Situational Anxiety's Wake
Where I'm Coming From
Think Situational Anxiety is in Your Head?
What's A Mom to Do?
Why Information Helps
Cause Our Faith to Rise
Situational Anxiety and PADS
Calm My Anxious Heart
Calm My Anxious Heart Part II
A Ticket to "The End of Myself"
Who Are We Mad At, Really?

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