Friday, July 1, 2011

Doctors and the State of Children's Mental Health

I'm still processing Wednesday's visit to an ADHD specialist. Without going into detail, have the rest of you resigned yourselves to being the experts on your own kids and settled for a professional who is easy to work with to get your kids what you think they need? Or have you found that if you keep looking long enough you can find someone with sufficient relevant experience to offer real insight? If the latter, knowing how much extra time we all have on our hands :), how did you find that professional?

Changing subjects, I still can't type very well. But I can pass along a really good set of links from the National Institutes of Metal Health (NMIH) on a variety of children's mental health issues that I know are relevant to readers in our blog family. I was led into these on my search for up to date research on ADHD and if you click around inside the NIMH website, you'll find more info. on other issues and other age ranges (like teens) as well.

The first link is relevant to everyone who is raising children: the NIMH state-of-the-field fact sheet on children's brain development. Among other things, the NIMH recognizes the effects of early trauma on neurological development; the link between neurological development and emotional development; and the effects of epigentics on genetic expression over generations. (In the future I'm sure I'll be writing more on epigentics because the implications are fascinating, both for the modern day and for history.)

  • The NIMH fact sheet on ADHD (very relevant even if you thing your child does not have the "H"--is not hyperactive) and a 28-page PDF booklet on ADHD. There is an interesting note on effective stimulant  medical intervention in children as young as three in the fact sheet.


Psycho Mom said...

Ugh. It is so hard to find a mental health doc who really gets these kids. We finally found a Psychiatrist last summer who I believe understands FASD. I have had good success with her. The med game is no fun though, even when you find a good doc, it is such a game to find the right meds.

Rick and Heather said...

We have resigned ourselves at this point to being the experts of our children and have sought little outside help..but our little man is only 4 1/2 so that might change over time.