Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Mercy: "Mom, were you born in the nineteen hundreds?"

Me: "Yes, I was."

Mercy: "Wow."

Me: "Why 'Wow'?"

Mercy: "Well, you know. Back then they didn't say, 'Pass the beef'' or 'Pass the chicken.'"

Me: "What did they say?"

Mercy: [Looking embarrassed] "They said, 'Pass the hamburger.' 'Pass the hot dog.'"

Me: "What else did they say in the nineteen hundreds?"

Mercy: "I don't know. But they did things."

Me: "Did things?"

Mercy: "Yes. Like they wiped their mouths."

Me: "They wiped their mouths?"

Mercy: "With a napkin. Before they drank anything."

Me: "Really?"

Mercy: "They were very clean back then."

Me: "Did they do anything else?"

Mercy: "No."

Me: "This is fascinating. Where did you learn about the nineteen hundreds?"

Mercy: "From E. [neighbor girl, age 8]"

Me: "Where did E. learn it?"

Mercy: "She went to AG School."

Me: "You mean like AG dolls?"

Mercy: "Yes. It was like a camp."

Me: "Oh. Like nineteen hundreds culture camp..."

Mercy: "Mm hm. We went to Camp Choson and E. went to AG camp."

Me: "Does E. have an AG doll?"

Mercy: "Yep. Her doll was born in the nineteen hundreds. That was a long time ago."

Me: "How do you know it was a long time ago?"

Mercy: "Because everyone I know is from the two thousands."

Photo credit: Faith


Jen said...

LOL! Classic. Kids are awesome.

Kari said...


Amy said...

LOL - I always cringe when my kids try to tell me about the olden days of MY childhood! ;-)

Michelle and Stefan said...

oh, I'm still laughing! It's all about perspective, isn't it?
Michelle Rutta