Wednesday, July 6, 2011

While We've Been Gone at Korean Culture Camp....

This is Camp Choson week at our house. It's only Wednesday and I'm exhausted, in a wonderful way. As a transracial adoptive parent I gladly exchange more social energy that I typically expend in two months' time for the chance to renew and deepen relationships with Korean American friends and adult Korean adoptees. Not to mention giving the girls a week with 150 other adopted Korean kids.

I owe you a post on Camp Choson when my brain recovers. In the mean time, this is a Joy show-and-tell. Joy has spent the week at home with her PCAs. I've only been home long enough to get her up in the morning and tuck her in bed at night and I miss her!

Look what she can do! Joy is counting Cheerios into Grandma's hand, saying each number as she put down the Cheerio.

Isn't she proud of herself?! This little girl is ready to attend preschool in September! (Just pray that her wheelchair is delivered on time.  Seven months later and we're still pushing paperwork...)

This week I also realized that Joy can now answer open-ended questions, like "What do you want to do next, Joy?" Until very recently we had to suggest a pair of options and she would respond by verbally choosing one or the other. But now when I ask, she often volunteers what she wants to do or where she wants to go. Sometimes her choices are surprising. Like when I expect her to tell me, "Go outside,"or "Play downstairs," she'll say,"I want to comb my hair." (She's serious. Joy loves to comb or brush her own hair and then let an adult finish the parts she can't reach.)

It is a milestone we're grateful to see. In fact, at lunch at Camp Choson yesterday, I found myself seated next to another special-needs mom and as we talked through the accommodations we'll need to make for Joy to attend Camp Choson in two years (like an adult friend to push her wheelchair and to carry her up the stairs into the art building), she asked, "Do you think she'll be able to communicate?" It was the first time I didn't feel  like I was being optimistic in answering, "Yes. She'll use speech to get her needs met."

God is good!

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